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First stop: rules and information!
VOL #1 (Nov 7, 2018 22:39:34 GMT -2)
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News, Prize Shop, graphics, games chatter and more can be found within.
Character Schemes
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If you want to plot and scheme about what fun your characters get themselves into then this is the place to do so.
Questions & Suggestions
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This is a place where you can ask questions or make suggestions for the site. Who knows we might even take it to heart and change something because of you. Guest Friendly!


Character Application (Feb 17, 2014 4:41:34 GMT -2)
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Here is where the character applications are. Before your character is accepted into the site you first must post it up here for the staff to view.
Vanessa Williams - Conchen - Chief of Police (Nov 7, 2018 18:27:28 GMT -2)
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All accept applications are listed here.
LeVee Has Ideas? (Nov 12, 2018 1:53:06 GMT -2)
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Members can post characters to be adopted and played by other members. Guest are also free to audition for a character. This board is guest friendly!
The Log Books
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Members can post logs here to help keep track of their characters,as well as their threads, relationships, and their graphics.

The City of Imbrum

Upper City
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Upper City is the cleaner, nicer part of town. It's where the fancy restaurants are, and the better shops. Upper City has a primary human population; the only Conchen here are enforcers, servants or outright slaves.

The Coliseum

The Coliseum
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The smell of blood is almost permanent here. Even more-so, the scent of Death. The Coliseum is a large, repurposed Greek amphitheater that is stationed just outside Imbrum. The stadiums are large, and everything is elaborate where sponsors and civilians sit to watch the fights. The actual fighting grounds themselves are scarred ground, barren of vegetation.
The Maze
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A maze of passageways lies beneath the coliseum designed to confuse and frustrate escaped fighters or would be rescuers. Pathways lead from the cells to the arena entrances all the way to outer laying buildings. Vertical shafts provide instant access to the arena for less willing participants where platforms bearing cages are raised and lowered by elevators.

The Underground

The Cat Comes to Call [P] (Nov 12, 2018 21:33:21 GMT -2)
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Hidden far beneath the subway lines lies the city of Drenzdel, carved out of rock and stone, this cold dark city served as a research center and prison. Abandoned over two centuries ago it was lost to the world's history. Now a new generation has found use of these buildings and tunnels. Hidden from the world above that persecutes them for their mere existence. The Conchen have claimed Dranzdel for their own, creating a thriving community. Here the Shadow Walkers Society have settled. Making the city their base of operations they are the protectors of the people.
Abandoned Subway Tunnels
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Abandoned Subway tracks carved out far beneath the ground, winding and twisting in an endless maze beneath the city. Serving as a dark pathway for the scum of the city these tunnel are all but abandoned by law enforcement, creating a perfect place for the Conchen to dwell. Ram shackled huts and living quarters created out of garbage, metal sheets, and other materials line the tunnel walls, lit by dim lights above.

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All deceased and outdated threads can be located within.